I have always believed that a woman can do much more to do and do for herself than what she usually does. That kind of inspiration continues, just as it is now proven in my own life.

I find it hard to sit down with my hands clasped, and I watch and listen to people complaining, they blame their destiny as if they are not the people who have the choice, the knowledge, the skills and the potentials to live better and in accordance with their personal values.

The first big change happened in 2006, I married in July and in April I was a wife and I founded a company dealing with management and consulting. I believe that when a woman changes from within herself, she changes her life in an external environment.

In my thirteen-year experience, I had the opportunity to meet different people and different business systems and experience and analyze the essence that drives development and change in people.

My basic motivation for blogging is to support people in their efforts to make them feel better tomorrow than today, and when looking after a certain time they will be satisfied with their own achievements in their own lives.

Because you can, you just need to get out of your box, use other resources, meet other people, master new skills and gain more experiences. It is necessary to work hard and be devoted and everything will eventually be achieved. Not immediately, not tomorrow, but it will be if you do not give up.