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Lung Cancer All You Need to Know

If you already are not aware of this, please note that ‘Smoking is the main cause of Lung Cancer. Smoking causes up to 90 per cent of such cancer cases’. As the wise men say, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, one should avoid smoking.

Though, there can be several other reasons behind this disease. It is to be noted that lung cancer usually begins in the lining of the airway.

There can be different types of lung cancers. Based on their natural behaviour and treatment purpose, the disease can be classified as small cell carcinomas and no-small cell carcinomas.

Lung Cancer All You Need to Know

It is to be noted that lung cancer is not new to India. It is, in fact, one of the commonest cancer here. The most common symptom of lung cancer is a cough that stays for long.

Other symptoms may include chest pains, blood-stained sputum, shortness of breath, loss of weight, and repeated bouts of pneumonia.

It is advised to see a doctor the very moment you suspect the disease. The earlier the disease is detected, the better are the chances of successful recovery.

Health check-ups at regular intervals are thus, recommended. However, do ensure that you get these tests are done at a reputed healthcare Institute.

There are so many around, so you should not face any trouble finding one for treatment. You can find them online. Just type your query into a search engine and press ENTER.

Once you do this, a list of top hospitals in your nearby places will appear. Your query can be like ‘top Cancer Hospital in Australia‘. Visit these hospitals online and see whether they have performed similar surgeries in the past or not.

Besides looking online, you can look for offline search modes as well. Ask people you know who may help you find a reputed Cancer Hospital.

As far as lung cancer treatment in India is concerned, the popular treatments are, a) surgery, b) chemotherapy, and c) radiation. The choice of treatment depends on the stage of the disease and the judgment of the surgeon. Surgery is an ideal option if the cancer cells have not spread beyond the affected lung.

Chest X-ray, Computerised Tomography (CT) scan, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), MRI Brain, Mediastinoscopy, Fine-needle Aspiration, and Sputum Cytology are what help in the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Regular check-ups are thus, very helpful in the timely diagnosis of the disease. If the disease is detected at an early stage, the chances of survival increase magnificently.

We Should Give More Attention to Lung Cancer

In 2000, the U.S. had 67,600 women die from lung cancer, 40,800 died from breast cancer, a difference of over 27 thousand people. Since 1950 until today, women died from lung cancer have increased 600% or more.

The United States women have one of every five people smoking. Worse, more young women, in particular between the ages of 10 to 20 women smokers, increased 30% than ten years ago.

We Should Give More Attention to Lung Cancer

Also, the United States medical experts issued a report up to 675 pages points out that cigarettes make more and more serious threat to health and lives of women in modern life.

It is disclosed a shocking number in the report: more than 40 thousand people die of smoking-related diseases nationwide every year, and 39% are women, which is doubled more than 1965.

What even more severe is that many young women have involved in the ranks of smokers. This report sounded the alarm for the people who did not face this issue – in the whole world, and there is a woman died of smoking in every three and a half seconds.

In the United States, 126,000 women die from disease related smoking every year, and also there are 3,500 infants died during pregnancy because of smoking mothers.

Why so many women smoke, especially in the modern society. Maybe it is caused by the modern culture, the fast-paced modern life.

As the women who aspire independent are eager to vent unfunded ideal and stubbornness of refused to follow the others, had not found them choose a subtle advertising to visualize -the life of a man, it is merchants’ success.

The real equality between men and women does not simply mean that women can do what men can do. Moreover, smoking is not a healthy lifestyle.

Also, many women are passive smoking. Studies have shown: in a family, if the husband is a smoker, even if the wife does not smoke when often live together, the wife will have the chance of lung cancer twice to three times higher than the non-smoking husband.

The greater man is smoking, the bigger chances his wife had lung cancer. If someone smokes in the family, children in the family are susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia.

So we should better be nonsmokers, not only for ourselves but also for our family.